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This article pertains to Premium SSL Certificates. If you purchase a Standard SSL Certificate much of the verification steps can be skipped in the instructions below.


There are a few steps involved to actually obtaining an SSL certificate. You can purchase the SSL certificate and initiate the verification process on you own or WebFX can handle the purchase and initiate the verification process on you behalf.


If you choose to complete the process here’s what you’ll need:


1. Purchase the “Premium SSL” from
2. Activate the SSL token and complete the SSL application on the Starfield Website.
3. Request a CSR (small piece of text code) from WebFX and paste into the appropriate section on the Starfield application.


Note: When prompted for “What type of server”, choose the “Apache” option.


4. Forward the required documentation to Starfield and the information is authenticated.
5. Download the SSL certificate and choose the “Plesk” installation type.


A Premium SSL Certificate generally can be issued within 2-5 hours of CSR submission.


If you choose to have WebFX complete the process here’s what you’ll need:


1. CALL in or fax (do NOT email) your credit card information to WebFX
2. Provide the full name of the company owner and legal business name (sole proprietorship, corporate, LLC, etc.)
3. Business address and phone numbers


Here’s How The Process Works
Once the SSL has been purchased you should receive an email receipt. There are a few steps involved in the process before the actual SSL is issued.


1. Domain Administrative Approval
An email will be sent to the domain admin for your domain name requesting approval for the SSL. The admin must approve the request, by following the instructions in the email, in order to proceed with the SSL issuing process.


Note: If "Private Registration" is enabled for your domain, through your registrar, you must disabled Private Registration in order for the approval email to be sent to the domain admin. Once the SSL has been issued you can re-enable Private Registration.


2. Corporate Documents
The Certification Authority (CA) will ask that you fax in required individual or corporate documentation. As part of the individual authentication process for your certificate request Starfield (the Certification Authority) must verify your identity before issuing an SSL certificate.


To provide your Proof of Identity, please fax or scan-and-e-mail the listed documentation to Starfield, at 480.624.2548 or email to The purpose of requiring both personal identity and financial documentation is to ensure that no individual can obtain a certificate by impersonating somebody else.


Please provide one of the following items:


-- Driver's License, or
-- passport, or
-- Other government-issued photo ID
And one of the following:

-- Bank Statement
-- Credit Card Statement


Black out all account numbers. Bank/credit card statements will only be accepted if account numbers are blacked out. Documents containing financial account information cannot be used for identity verification and will be destroyed immediately.


3. Final Phone Call
The CA (StarfieldTech) finalizes its authentication process by placing a phone call to you. When the phone call is completed, the certificate will be issued and sent to you via e-mail or by a downloadable link.


4. Download SSL
Follow the instruction in the email sent to download the SSL. Once completed, email the SSL to WebFX for installation.


There is typically a 3-5 day grace period for the above items. If NO action is taken or the docs are not received within this period the SSL issuing process will start over.

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