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Spam will always be an ongoing issue for every ISP and hosting provider. Spammers are constantly creating new methods and tools to send spam every day. Because of this ISP's and host providers are constantly developing, improving upon, and introducing new applications, filters, techniques and more.


WebX360 has several spam tools in place to help reduce the amount of incoming spam. Below are a few of our most powerful tools.


  1. Spamassassin, an email-filtering tool that identifies most unsolicited commercial email.
  2. Blacklisting utilities, available on the user account level and server-wide level managed by WebX360
  3. IP Table management, blocking individual IP address and managed by WebX360
  4. MAPS spam protection, a filer process that reviews the senders email and if blacklisted rejects the email.


Spamassassin can be configured on each email account within your WebX360 Hosting Control Panel. Once setup you can use the Spamassassin "Training" Utility which allows the system to learn what emails are spam and not spam.


Note: You must use the Spamassassin Training Utility BEFORE downloading your email. If not, there will be no emails on the server for Spamassassin to review for training.


Another method of helping to reduce spam is by encrypting email addresses that are displayed on your website. While this is not 100% effective it will help prevent spammers from "farming" your email address. To set this up, please contact WebX360 for more information.

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